Not to be redundant of my About page, but just to clarify for my first post, my name is Julia Themm and I am a student a Central Michigan University I was originally a biomedical sciences major at CMU and I did a complete 180 and switched to the journalism program here and have been loving it ever since. I am relatively new to the blogosphere but with this class I hope to become more familiar with it. My favorite type of news to follow would probably be entertainment news. Don’t get me wrong I love staying in touch with world news and keeping up with politics and staying educated but for me entertainment news is a nice release from world news. One of my favorite times of the year entertainment news-wise is award season, specifically the Oscars. I love to read movie reviews and get all the information I can so I can make an educated guess on who will win versus what movie should win based on popular opinions. In this upcoming month I plan to watch each of the movies nominated for Best Picture and fit in some of the other films from other categories.  On here I will be posting projects for my class that I hope turn out well. I hope you come to find my blog enjoyable.